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A bigger adventure than I could imagine

For most of my life, I would not have described myself as an adventurous person.  I was not a risk taker.  Before taking on any significant task, I needed to be sure that I had thought through everything and was prepared for whatever may come up.  This was due in part to the way I was taught to always be prepared and think before you act.  For me to decide to pick up and go to teach in Kenya was unexpected for a little Kansas girl.

As I look back, I can see the seeds starting to grow by picking up and moving from Kansas to Pennsylvania to teach school a few years before.  However, in Pennsylvania there was the security of family and culture.  In Kenya, I basically had no frame of reference to draw from.  I hadn’t seen the school, I only knew two people, and it was going to be an adventure.  This part of me that had been groaning to get out was going to!!

Jumping ahead to three years later, I was returning home, and even though I was very anxious to return to the people I love, I can picture driving into Lancaster with Krista and remember thinking with a dejected feeling, “This is it, this is my next adventure?”  I was expecting more.

It was in the fall that Jean and I specifically started a routine of meeting together.  We set out to address the areas that I felt I needed to work on in my spiritual life and ways that I could adjust my schedule to provide for some of the rest.  But this need for something more adventurous would not go away.

I was working on accepting that maybe the adventure was going to be learning to be content with a more routine life.  Little did I know God had been preparing me for a bigger adventure then I could imagine.  I felt a lump, went to the doctor, and heard the words, “You have cancer.”  Adventurous – yes.  My idea of adventurous – no.  I had no idea of the adventure truly awaiting me, and that God can truly do more than we ask or imagine if we allow Him.  His love is deeper than we can phathom.

-Dalina Winter

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  1. Bev Beiler #

    Thanks for this posting on the Blog. I have found it very meaningful.

    November 1, 2012
  2. Oscar Osabinyi #

    Most profound remarks from our Ombi class graduand -Dalina. You inspired courage in the face of the unknown…

    November 10, 2014

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