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Ready to write

“The preparation for writing is your life.  Read good books.  See good art.  Listen to good music. Listen to the world. Do your healing work.  The clearer your lens, the clearer the writing.  Nourish the inner writer.  Feed yourself beauty.  Pay attention to your inner life.  Listen.  You’ll find your way.” (Paula D’Arcy)

“Writing is 90% listening.  The deeper you can listen, the better you can write.”   Natalie Goldberg

I have no writing degree.  I have a degree I don’t even know what to do with.  I started out wanting to write.  I even followed that dream to Jackson, MS to intern at a magazine.  But, while the other interns got to write, I answered the phone.  I sorted the mail.  I was the secretary.  And instead of letting myself learn from that, I stopped writing  I never felt good enough.  But every so often I get the urge.  I  would write while I ran.  I would write while I drove. I would write in the shower.   I have written books in my head.  And even more rarely, I got it down on paper.

Last month, I went to a 5 day writer’s retreat.  Instead of enjoying the anticipation leading up to that day, I was a bit terrified.  I thought for sure they would find out I wasn’t really a writer.  This wasn’t my career.  This wasn’t my livelihood.  I hadn’t even been writing for fun.  I was a fraud.  But, instead of being shamed, my writing was accepted.  I was accepted.  Paula D’Arcy, who led the retreat, helped me go deep.  I came up out of that place with lots to say.  Many things to get on paper to help guide the way.

I make mistakes.  I hate editing.  I struggle with grammar.  But, I have something to say.  So I will do my best to write.  To read.  To listen to good music.  To listen.  I will listen to the world.  I will listen to you.  And what I long for the most is to listen to God.  That’s paying attention to my inner life.

It’s been a dark time recently.  The hard stuff of life, the losses, have me treading water again.  My head is screaming with all sorts of things.    But now,  I am ready to write.

I’m ready to find my way.


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  1. I’m glad you’re ready to write…you have a gift, and I enjoy reading!

    November 30, 2012
  2. Lisa, keep it up. Your honest account of struggle touches our humanity and blesses.

    November 30, 2012

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